Counseling Updates

Counseling Update

Beginning November 7th, Juanita Ledesma, counseling faculty joined the SDCE ERP team at the district office full-time. Juanita will be instrumental in assisting to build key features used by counselors when working with students. She joins three other counselors from City, Mesa, and Miramar who are also helping build automated education plans.

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We are committed to equity! As part of implementation of the new California Community College Students Success and Support Program Plan (SSSP), SDCE is required to create a Student Equity Plan. The intent of the Student Equity Plan is to ensure equal educational opportunities and to promote student success for all students, regardless of race, gender, disability, or economic circumstance.

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We are growing! The Counseling Department, over the past year, has made a concerted effort to expand the number of counselors. We have grown to a robust 14 contract (full-time), and 10 adjunct (part-time) counselors who provide services at 7 different sites.

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