About Us

The San Diego Continuing Education Foundation exists to support SDCE in championing equity by fostering innovation, raising funds for scholarships, eliminating barriers to student success, and positively impacting the community at large. The Foundation strives to provide all students with the tools and resources to reach their full potential by implementing equitable programs that address economic insecurities and promote progressive, systemic social change.

SDCE’s Seven Pillars of Student Success

  • Employment Security
  • Food Security
  • Housing Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Financial Literacy
  • Textbook and Course Material Affordability
  • Intellectual and Emotional Security

The intentional support in these areas for an organization-wide professional development theme reminds us how the collaborative work we do, that supports each of these pillars, results in a significant effort to create an environment of both inclusion and diversity for SDCE students and helps the most vulnerable student populations achieve success in education.

San Diego Continuing Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization EIN Number 26-3305140. Contributions are tax deductible.