Board Membership

Board of Directors

  • Neill Kovrig
    Neill K Kovrig
    Board President
  • Roma Weaver
    Roma Weaver
    Board Vice President

  • William Grimes
    Board Secretary
  • Mary LeDuc
    Mary LeDuc
    Board Treasurer

Board Members

  • Laurie Coskey
    Laurie Coskey
    Executive Director, SDCCE Foundation
  • Kay Faulconer Boger
    Kay Faulconer Boger
    SDCCE Interim President
  • Jacqueline Sabanos
    Jacqueline Sabanos
    SDCCE Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Michelle Fischthal
    Michelle Fischthal
    SDCCE Vice President, Instruction

  • Shakerra Carter
    SDCCE Vice President, Student Services

  • Olivia Flores
    SDCCE Counselor
  • Gretchen Bitterlin
    Gretchen Bitterlin
    SDCCE Retiree
  • Andrei Lucas
    Andrei Lucas
    Dean, Automotive, Skilled and Technical Trades

  • Vinzent Balaoing
    SDCCE Student
  • Stephanie Lewis
    Stephanie Lewis
    Dean, College and Career Transitions
  • Maureen Rubalcaba
    Maureen Rubalcaba
    Dean, Student Equity