Programming with Python

The Programming with Python certificate program provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to program software using the Python programming language. The two courses provide instruction in fundamental Python topics, ranging from the essentials of the language, including control statements, functions, and data types, to object-oriented programming concepts. Students who successfully complete the program can use the skills learned in a variety of industries and jobs including, network and system administration, cyber security, automation, embedded programming, and general software development. This program also serves as a foundation for additional training in web and game development.

In the four-course Data Management with Python certificate program, students are introduced to programming databases using Python. Students will learn to program against relational and document-oriented databases such as SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB. It teaches the basic concepts of relational data, databases, tables, SQL, and walks the student through the code expected to connect to these databases and perform CRUD (create, retrieve, update, and delete) operations. Additionally, this program introduces the student to Python for data science. In this course students will have the opportunity to make sense of the data by using Python's wide variety of data analytics and graphical modeling packages to perform exploratory data analysis, apply visualization and inferential techniques and data mining algorithms and develop the ability to recognize and uncover patterns in the data to solve complex business problems. Students who finish the program can use the skills learned in various industries and jobs, including data science, embedded programming, game development, general software development, automation, cybersecurity, web development, and more used at companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Dropbox. This program also serves as a foundation for additional training in information technology.

Receive Programming with Python certificate by completing two courses:

  • COMP 660 Programming with Python I
  • COMP 661 Programming with Python II

Receive Data Management with Python certificate by completing four courses:

  • COMP 660 Programming with Python I
  • COMP 661 Programming with Python II
  • COMP 662 Programming Databases-Python
  • COMP 663 Python for Data Science
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Possible Career Paths

Examples of jobs you may be qualified for after completion of this program:

  • Python Software Developer $49/hr.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer $42/hr.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst $35/hr.

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