Privacy Policy

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) and College Continuing Education are committed to protecting your privacy online. The purpose of this statement is to inform you of our policy in the collection of personal information that we may collect from you and how it is used.

Collection of Personal Information

The San Diego College of Continuing Education website only collects personal information that is provided to us when you complete online forms such as the requests for Free Class Schedule, Auto Technician Brochure, Parenting Brochure or Culinary Brochure to be sent to you. Your address will be added to our mailing list to receive a free schedule of classes three times yearly. The printed Class Schedule is published in August for September (Fall Semester) starting classes, January for January/February (Spring Semester) starting classes and in May for June (Summer Semester) starting classes. If you want to cancel and be removed from the mailing list, please follow the instructions on the back page of the Class Schedule.

Occasionally, visitors to our website may be asked to fill out a brief survey to be used for research purposes. In such a case, your information may be used to help us improve our website or for the institution's marketing and promotional purposes. Please be assured that your responses will be treated confidentially within the institution.

If you enter your name, e-mail address and friend's e-mail address on the form to refer a website page, no record is kept of that information. It is used solely for the purpose of delivering the e-mail. If you enter an incorrect address for your friend, or the address of a friend's account that no longer exists, a notice will be sent to our webmaster with the undeliverable mail.


SDCCD and San Diego Continuing Education do not share, rent or sell personal, financial or health-related information to anyone and strictly adhere to all state and federal laws pertaining to privacy of records. Additionally, SDCCD and San Diego Continuing Education will not disclose personal information unless we have your written permission, or unless we are under court order to do so.

Uses of Web Server Data

The San Diego College of Continuing Education web server collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for system administration purposes, to track system usage, or for security purposes. These IP addresses are kept in a log file and are a normal part of web server operation. An IP address only identifies a computer or, in the case of pooled IP addresses, one among a group of computers. Personal information is not available from an IP address. Additionally, this information would not be distributed or shared with a third party unless directed by court order.

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect website usage data. San Diego College of Continuing Education uses the Google Analytics data to analyze how users use the website. All website usage data is transmitted to and stored by Google. For more information, please visit Google’s Privacy Policy.

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