Student Attendance Card

To obtain a San Diego College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) attendance card, student will need to complete an online application. Please stop by the Student Services office at one of the six (6) SDCCE Campuses and bring a valid government issued picture ID that includes your name and date of birth.

The SDCCE attendance card is free and includes the student’s name and student ID number. The SDCCE attendance card is not a student identification (ID) card: it is used for student application updates, enrollment and attendance purposes only.

Returning students who do not have an SDCCE attendance card may obtain one by visiting the Student Services Office at one of six campus locations.

Students who are attending or who have previously attended City, Mesa and/or Miramar college but have not attended Continuing Education may obtain an SDCCE attendance card in addition to the SDCCD college identification card. The same student ID number will appear on each card.

Student Attendance Card

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