Counseling and Student Success

Department Description

Counselors are available at all campuses to help students become successful Continuing Students. In general, counselors will help you determine and achieve your educational and vocational goals.  Specifically, they provide orientations for our educational and training programs, enrollment assistance, career and educational planning, academic advice and help identifying any resource at Continuing Education or in the community needed by the student.

Mission Statement

Counseling ensures student success by helping students achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams by providing excellent counseling services in the following areas: program orientation; assessment for placement into classes; counseling regarding academics, career planning and personal issues; college transition information; developing an educational plan; information about and referral to additional support services.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • Students will know about the steps, resources and/or choices they have to define, clarify or achieve their goals.
  • Students will know and be able to ultilize basic information regarding registration procedures and educational options offered through SDCE and SDCCD.
  • Students will know basic information on student rights and responsibilities.
  • Students will know about available career resrources and services.

Program Dean

Esther Matthew

Educational Cultural Complex
4343 Ocean View Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92113

Program Chair

Cat Prindle

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