Accreditation Update

In our November news article we mentioned that members of the Accreditation Steering Committee and Work and Focus groups were in the process of writing the first draft of the Self-Study Report in preparation for the 2017 WASC Accreditation visit.  Writing the Self-Study and preparing for the WASC Accreditation visit require a team effort. Our December update identifies the contents of the Self-Study and the members of the Accreditation Team.

The Self-Study is comprised of five chapters:

                Chapter I: Institutional, Community and Student Characteristics

                Chapter II: Progress Report on Key Issues since the Previous Self-Study

                Chapter III:  Self-Study Findings Based on WASC Postsecondary Criteria

                Chapter IV: School-wide Action Plan Revision

                Chapter V: Glossary

The Steering Committee guides the process of preparing for the WASC Accreditation visit with a comprehensive membership that includes the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), administration, faculty, classified staff and a student representative. The Student Learning Outcome/Program Review Coordinator, Professional Development Coordinator, and Presidents of both Academic Senate and Classified Senate serve on the Steering Committee. 

In addition, work and focus groups are formed to address criterion related to the writing of Chapter III: Self-Study Findings Based on WASC Postsecondary Criteria:

                Criterion 1: Institutional Mission and School-wide Learner Outcomes

                Criterion 2: Organizational Structure and School Leadership

                Criterion 3: Faculty and Staff

                Criterion 4: Curriculum

                Criterion 5: Instructional Program

                Criterion 6: Use of Assessment

                Criterion 7: Student Support Services

                Criterion 8: Resource Management

                Criterion 9: Community Connection

                Criterion 10: Action Plan for Ongoing Improvement

The focus groups receive important information and feedback from faculty members of the various programs, called home groups. The home groups were actively involved in the Accreditation Process during their fall Flex Program Meetings by responding to specific questions that addressed criteria about curriculum, instructional program, use of assessment and Student Support Services. The home groups also identified the school’s strengths and key issues. This useful information was compiled by the Program Chairs and distributed to the coordinators of the focus groups.  

In addition to participating on the Steering Committee, Work, Focus and/or Home Groups, faculty and staff will have another opportunity to participate in the Accreditation process as trained observers who will visit CE classes during the spring semester. Faculty will recieve information about how they can become involved in the class observation process during spring Flex activities.

If you are interested in participating on a work/focus group or observing other SDCE classes, please contact one of the SDCE Steering Committee Co-Chairs:

Corinne Layton

Dr. Barbara Pongsrikul


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