Break Down Barriers Conference

The San Diego Mesa College and San Diego Continuing Education, “College Connections” Partnership Project assembles teams to visit prospective college students on CE campuses. Teams include representation of instructors, counselors and students from the college and provide CE students a look at the sort of academic material they will find at the college level, as well as the type of services they can receive. During these visits, instructors share information such as their online learning platforms, student work samples and what to expect during office hours. Furthermore, counselors explain academic pathways and the placement process and students share their stories. On Friday, April 19th, at the “Breaking down Barriers” Conference, a panel of representatives from College Connections explored the project as a way to build bridges between credit and non-credit and break down barriers to college transitions. It was also a great opportunity for members of the larger adult education community to learn more about the programs at Continuing Education. Natalie Lindenberg, M.A., SDCE ABE/ASE Faculty and BSI Coordinator serves as the College Connections Co-Coordinator.

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