Classified Senate Update

by Neill Kovrig, Classified Senate President

Today’s (August 31, 2016) Convocation included the 4th Annual Classified Senate Scholarship Fundraiser, featuring a series of lovely gift baskets carefully prepared by Esther Anthony-Thomas, Lori Carver, and others from among the Classified Staff of SDCE.  I hope that you will join me in celebrating Esther’s excellent work in coordinating the baskets for the Senate, and also in thanking those who served today at the table by selling tickets, including Mary LeDuc, Lily Mino, and Danielle Williams.  Through your generosity, we raised well over $700 towards the scholarship fund (our final tally is forthcoming), and we are thankful indeed for your continued support of our Senate scholarship program.

While the following individuals won baskets, I hope you all know that we consider the real winners here to be both our students, who receive the benefit of your kindness; but also our sense of community and family here in CE – it’s a testament to our connection here as faculty and staff that we can count on each other for support and for continued service to one another.

BASKET #1: Mucho Macho (featuring gym training, indoor paintball, budget counseling, and tech equipment)

-          Christopher Manis

BASKET #2: Natural Spa Basket

-          Terri Duran

BASKET #3: Body Beautiful Makeup and Personal Care Basket

-          Jane Signaigo-Cox

BASKET #4: Handbag

-          Nedra Augustine

BASKET #5: WD-40 Company Products and Gifts

-          Carmina Gerardo

BASKET #6: Variety Candles

-          Jane Signaigo-Cox

BASKET #7: Purrrrrfect Cat Basket

-          Teresa Erbacher

BASKET #8: Island Spa Basket

-          Rita Avila

BASKET #9: Puppy Love Basket

-          Judy Lamb

BASKET #10: Wine Lovers Basket

-          Susan Morgan

Again, on behalf of the Classified Senate, thank you for your dedication and support – welcome back to the 2016-17 Academic Year, and best wishes for a productive semester!

Warmest Regards,


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