ECC Student Wins Teaching Award

Hea Ran Chang wrote, “I study English hard at ECC for my Korean students.”  Chang, an Advanced ESL student at the ECC campus, teaches Korean language, history, and culture every Saturday at Calvary Korean School in San Diego. Her students are mostly 2nd generation Korean Americans.  Recently she was honored with an award for her teaching plan and two of her students were book report winners. Ms. Chang said, “I was like floating in the air. The judges said in the annual book that my teaching plan was good because I translated my lessons into English too.  When I saw the compliment, I gave thanks to ECC, my former teacher Beth Bogage, and my current teacher Carolyn McGavock. If my teaching materials were all in Korean, my students would not have been able to understand the Baekbum book and my instructions so well.” Thanks to their dedicated Korean instructor, the young Korean American students learned about Kim Koo, a man who dedicated himself to Korea’s independence movement against Japan. Hea Ran Chang added, “By participating in the book report contest, my students learned more about the dark period of modern Korean history and the people who sacrificed their lives to make a peaceful, independent, and beautiful country.  By learning Korea’s history and its forerunners more, my students will be able to help Korea, America and the world more in the future. I study English at ECC to help my Korean students learn Korean better.”

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