LFM Academy

Our team finished off LFM academy last week which focuses on the adoption and implementation of guided pathways framework at the local level.
The SCDE Leading from the Middle Team has identified three area in which to enact projects that promote GP:
1.       Mapping – this provides a visual context which reflects the student pathways and perspectives; it provides a structure and context for the GP work at SCDE
2.       Data Coaching – this focuses on the institutional perspective of the pathways (gaps and successes); it promotes a data-based decision-making culture
3.       Classroom intervention techniques (ie, Odessa and Oakton models) – this focuses on the faculty role in GPs; it promises significant improvements in student movement along the pathways
These three projects touch on the various pillars and incorporate a variety of stakeholders, which promotes buy-in at different levels.  While there are 4 pillars comprised of multiple essential pieces, the GP work must start with pieces of pillars from which the work can expand to “completion”.
The cross-functional team includes Research & Planning, Administration, Academic Senate, Faculty, and Counseling.  Through extensive discussion, research, training, and analysis, the team has come to a shared understanding of what GP concepts and strategies would be most effective for implementation at their institution.  As a result, this team can serve as a core at the institution which can facilitate communication and agreement among the various stakeholders; the team is a stronghold which can provide both direction and support to the GP coordinating efforts. 

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