Passport to Success April 2019

We had a wonderful workshop on Involvement in Institutional Change for our Passport to Success participants. Linda Osborn welcomed our group to CE Mesa and expressed how happy she was to have us at this site. She also talked about all the programs that CE Mesa is providing for students. Richard Weinroth started us out with wonderful information about the Academic Senate. Michelle Fischthal, Vice President of Instruction, gave a presentation on Access, Retention, and Completions. Timothy Pawlak talked about Program chairs and the duties and responsibilities associated with the position. Laurie Cozzolino encouraged participants to join committees including the Professional Development Committee and Flex Committee, as well as Safety and Budget. Joyce Almario –Greno discussed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee and the importance of the Diversity Pledge. Rachel Rose reviewed the Governance Handbook and then participants were encouraged to join a committee of their choice. We will all be participating in the Graduation this year and Certificates of Completion will be handed out at the reception. Congratulations to all our participants in this year’s Passport to Success Program.

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