PIE Committee

“The PIE Committee” You may have heard that phrase in meetings or conversations. What is it? Leaving the obvious jokes aside, the PIE committee is the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness group, one of the Operational committees here at Continuing Education. Its mission is to “advance integrated planning throughout San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE). The committee is responsible for assuring SDCE's planning framework is consistent with accreditation criterion, and guides the institutional assessment, evaluation and coordination of activities leading to institutional effectiveness and improvement.” This committee supports efforts to build systems and processes to help facilitate and organize activities, including program review, strategic planning, and resource allocation. The recommendations of the PIE Committee and the work done by the Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness inform the development of structures for information gathering, transparent decision-making, and feedback to the institution, impacting student success and contributing to a better Continuing Education for all.


Contact a constituency representative if you have questions, or join us for our regular meeting, the 2nd Monday of the Month at 3pm at ECC.


-John Bromma jbromma@sdccd.edu Co-Chair


-Jessica Luedtke jluedtke@sdccd.edu Co-Chair

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