SDCE's First Annual: Classified Staff Training and Retention Conference

Dear Colleagues,

Last week San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE) reached a high mark for innovation and professional development. For the first time in SDCE’s history, the classified staff organized and supported the first annual Classified STAR (Staff Training and Retention Conference) for all classified staff throughout SDCE. More than 70 people participated in the programming, which included an opening session with various workshop choices based on individual areas of interest at work and at home. Personal interest classes ranged from Yoga and Stretching techniques to Southern/Creole-Style Cooking and professional choices varied from technology tips to resume writing to retirement planning.

Of special note is a new onboarding program that was introduced at the retreat, which is for employees hired between January 2016 to the present. The onboarding program will continue in several meetings and modules, similar to the faculty onboarding program, Passport to Success, which began last year at SDCE.

I would like to publically extend special thanks to Neill Kovrig, SDCE’s Classified Senate President-extraordinaire, Vice Presidents Jacqueline Sabanos and Star Rivera-Lacey, Ph.D. for their leadership with this first annual retreat, as well as and the dedicated Professional Development Subcommittee in the Classified Senate:

Krystal Monal, Chair

Esther Anthony-Thomas

Christy Figueroa-Pettis

Jael Guzman

Mary LeDuc

Isabelle Mattar

Liza Munoz

Danielle Williams

My understanding is that planning and development for next year’s retreat is already well underway, which emphasizes the commitment that Classified Staff have to their own professional development in addition to their service and support to faculty, administrators and students. I applaud this example of personal commitment and thank you to those who participated in the opportunities the retreat provided.



Carlos O. Turner Cortez, Ph.D.


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