Accreditation Steering Committee


  1. Facilitate development and monitoring of a coordinated accreditation process in support of improving student learning, institutional/program effectiveness, and integrated planning
  2. Support and facilitate SDCE reaffirmation through ACS WASC


  • Dr. Tina King, President
  • Dr. Minou Spradley, WASC School Principal; Interim VP, Instructional Services
  • Dr. Shakerra Carter, VP, Student Services
  • Jacqueline Sabanos, VP, Administrative Services
  • Jessica Luedtke, Accreditation Liaison Officer; Dean, Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE); ASC Co-Chair
  • Margarita Posner, Faculty Accreditation and Planning Coordinator; ASC Co-Chair
  • John Bromma, Academic Senate President, Faculty Counselor
  • Neill Kovrig, Classified Senate President, Student Services Technician
  • Carla Grossini-Concha, Faculty Professional Development Coordinator
  • Debi King, Administrative Technician, PRIE
  • Desiree Redulla, President's Executive Assistant
  • La Toiya Noles, President's Assistant

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