Self-Study Report

San Diego College of Continuing Education has conducted a comprehensive Self-Study and is proud to present the results in the 2024 SDCCE Accreditation Self-Study Report. The San Diego College of Continuing Education 2024 Self-Study report integrates the voices of faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community partners who, for the past two years, have been working together to address each accreditation principle and find ways in which the school’s mission of student success, quality education, and diversity can be fulfilled.

The Self-Study includes a robust and comprehensive reflection of SDCCE’s strengths and challenges, and was written by over 90 faculty, staff, and administrators who contributed information, statistics and updates to various sub-committees who presented written drafts of the various criterion groups in the report.

Building on Success through Excellence


Mission: San Diego College of Continuing Education commits to student success and community enrichment by providing tuition-free, accessible, equitable, and innovative quality education and support services to diverse learners in pursuit of lifelong learning, training, career advancement, and pathways to credit more about the SDCCE mission »