Nursing Assistant

250-330 HOURS
8 to 16 WEEKS

Be trained to provide care to those who are unable to care for themselves. Through lecture and hands-on skills practice, you learn to bathe, dress, feed, and assist patients with toileting as well as report changes in a patient’s physical or mental status to the supervising nurse. You will learn:

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Patients’ rights and independence
  • Rehabilitative/restorative care
  • Medical/surgical asepsis and standard procedures
  • Emergency procedures and prevention of catastrophe
  • Resident care skills and procedures
  • Body mechanics and nutrition
  • Vital signs, weights, and measures
  • Observation and charting
  • Long term care resident
  • Death and dying

Upon successful completion of Nursing Assistant Training, you may apply to take the state Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) examination. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the agency that grants certification for CNAs, requires a matching United States legal identification and social security card in order to take the test. CDHP requires both the “Request for Live Scan Service” and the CNA initial application to be completed on the first day of class, and both require social security numbers.

After passing the state exam, you become certified as a Nurse Assistant by the State of California.

Eligibility Requirements

Students will be fingerprinted by Live Scan on the first day of class. All clinicals will take place at sites in El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, San Diego, and Santee. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) will review Live Scan/Department of Justice results and determine if an individual is “cleared” to continue in the program. Students who are not cleared will not be able to continue in the program. CDPH evaluates criminal convictions for any offense. Health and Safety Code Section 1337.9(c) explains: Individuals who have convictions or questions about their ability to obtain clearance, can request an “inquiry” with the California Department of Public Health. Please visit the CDPH website or contact 916-327-2445 or

Entrance Requirements

Mandatory orientation is required prior to enrollment. The orientation is 2 ½ hours and includes a basic assessment. Assessment accommodations can be provided for any eligible student who has a verified disability. During orientation, the entrance criteria is explained, and students learn about all training options for Healthcare Careers, including pathways beyond Nursing Assistant training. Students who are not eligible for Nursing Assistant training may choose to pursue additional options.

Eligible students receive an application packet during orientation. The application packet includes three forms: a physical exam form, a Tuberculosis (TB) clearance form, and an immunizations form. Important note: It is recommended that students wait until after they receive an application packet to obtain a physical exam, or a TB exam. If the exams are obtained too early, they may not be valid and will need to be repeated.

The Job Training/Certificate Program is free; however, there are expenses of approximately $400 for books, uniform/shoes, a CPR card, physical exam, TB exam, immunizations, and state certification exam. Students are responsible for transportation to and from off-campus clinical locations.

Links to Additional Information

Complete two courses:

  • HLTH 605 Nursing Assistant Training
  • HLTH 606 Home Health Aide
Class Class Number Status Room Type Hours per Week Dates Instructor Class Notes Class Description version

Nursing Assistant Orientation

Possible Career Paths

Examples of jobs you may be qualified for after completion of this program:

  • Nursing Assistant $22,493-39,280

Salary information is based on annual estimates from the State of California Employment Development Department.

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