Curriculum Committee (Academic Senate)

The Curriculum Committee supports the development and implementation of curriculum to fulfill the educational needs of the institution's diverse student population and the community served.


  • Support development of curriculum via review and approval of new and revised course outlines and program
  • Ensure alignment of curriculum with institutional and district goals and mission
  • Provide guidance and resources including templates, guidelines, and related curricular information to faculty and staff
  • Support institution-wide efforts to continually improve program pathways and promote interdisciplinary discussions
  • Support District-wide efforts to continually improve instruction and curriculum
  • Post regular reports/minutes of Curriculum Committee meetings/activities


  • Vice President, Instructional Services
  • Faculty from each program appointed by the Academic Senate (total will vary)
  • Classified Professional (1) The Academic Senate Curriculum Committee membership appoints the chair.


This committee meets 1st Wednesday of each month during the fall and spring semesters, 2:30-4:30pm.

Committee is currently conducting meetings via Zoom. See agenda (below) for Zoom link to meeting.

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