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  • New West City Campus Replaces Old Facility
    The San Diego Community College District held a grand opening ceremony for its newest campus Wednesday. The West City Continuing Education Campus in Point Loma is the newest addition to the district...
  • KUSI News Coverage of West City Campus Opening
  • New West City Campus Opens in Point Loma
    Nearly 39,000 square feet, the $18 million campus was designed to be Continuing Education’s “Campus of Excellence” for Hospitality Services and Consumer Science. In addition to...
  • SDCE does Art Walk
    Continuing Education students from the Business Information Technology (BIT) program participated in the San Diego Art Walk April 25-26 in downtown Little Italy. Students from the Interactive Media...
  • Swine Flu Information
    The World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency due to the outbreak of Swine Flu, and has called for worldwide surveillance of the spread of the virus. Centers for...
  • Continuing Education Hosts Annual Spring Concert
    Students from the Continuing Education Parenting program host a spring concert at the Educational Cultural Complex.

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